About Nooksrest


Kevin Whittington 2018

Nooksrest was established in March 2018 to provide wellbeing and consultancy services to business. It is owned and run by Kevin Whittington who has a proven track record of providing wellbeing and stress management support for nearly a decade.

Nooksrest Wellbeing

Most companies are good at getting colleagues back to work after a mental illness and stress related absence but very few have programmes designed to teach colleagues how to avoid and manage stress.

Nooksrest works with both colleagues and management to establish a supportive culture which leads to better colleague wellbeing and improved productivity.

Services include:

  • Stress management workshops
  • Counselling / life coaching
  • Leadership workshops

Nooksrest Change Consulting

All businesses undergo change to remain competitive but the process of change can be unsettling for staff. Nooksrest works with the leaders of the business and colleagues to help the change process. Services include:

  • Employee liaison
    • Helping colleagues to understand the message from leadership
    • Presenting the awkward questions back to the leaders
  • Wellbeing during change
    • Delivering mental wellbeing services to colleagues during periods of high stress
  • Colleague advocacy
    • Acting on behalf of colleagues who have difficulties in questioning management and HR

Nooksrest BI Consulting

Nooksrest is growing to provide BI professionals for all sizes of projects.

Kevin, the MD is the main BI resource

  • Over 30 years IT experience, 18 of which in BI 
  • Expert in T-SQL, SSIS and experienced in SSAS
  • Experience at all levels of the hierarchy from Developer to Senior Manager/HOF
  • Able to work in a team or alone as projects dictate
  • Liaises with all levels of the business
  • Happy mentoring junior colleagues